Coir mats

New trends in carpet are guided by contemporary designs, but especially for organic materials, are these new materials which are becoming a perfect choice. The beauty and elegance of the designs that come with natural materials have made green carpets have increased proliferation in the market.


Increasingly common in decorating shops carpets and even curtains made from plant materials such as coconut, alone or combined with fabrics or borders of these materials at the edges. Mats made from coconut fibers are named coir mats. These original mats provides insulation, are simple to install and easily adaptable to any decor. Coir mats are usually very resistant to stains but treatments are applied to eliminate this major limitation is extremely effective.


Good taste and respect for the environment are key to the success of these rugs. Coir mats have the quality to create warm, light floors, are offered as ideal for visually expanding rooms. It’s good to know therefore what are the characteristics of each fiber, since all have different characteristics and require different care.